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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little affirmation

I don't know how to make it clear in words, but I've been feeling guilty (or wrong) lately for calling myself a single-issue voter. A few friends challenged me to ponder on the "other" issues and factor my opinion regarding them into the equation (my vote). Frustration set in as I couldn't find the words to explain myself. It's not that anyone asked for an explanation but I wanted others to know why I was so passionately calling myself a single-issue voter....

Then, I got the weekly edition of WORLD (Subscribe now! You'll be glad you did!) in my mailbox a few days ago and found a WONDERFULLY written article by Tony Woodlief entitled, In Praise of Single-Issue Voting. I think I began crying sometime around the second paragraph. Finally, someone has put my heart in words on paper.....and all the world could now read why I feel the way I do. Below are just a few excerts from Tony's article. Please don't skim over them just because you're not a political thinker. Please don't dismiss this article simply because the election is over.

I’ve become convinced that a nation which sanctions the extinguishing of unborn children, and further, the outright execution of near-term infants, doesn’t deserve admiration even if it gets every other policy right.

Those other issues certainly affect a country’s safety, prosperity, and greatness. But I’ve come to believe that a nation that tolerates destruction of innocents deserves neither safety nor prosperity nor greatness. We’ve descended into barbarism, and it poisons how we treat the elderly, the incapacitated, even ourselves. We shouldn’t be surprised, having made life a utilitarian calculation, that more and more humans become inconvenient.

It’s certainly true that there are other issues that ought to concern Christians, like the sanctity of marriage, and how we treat the mentally ill, the elderly, and children who have been born. But abortion is, in my view, the touchstone. Get this one wrong and your moral compass can guide you in nothing else.

I wish I could copy and paste the entire article here on my blog and be assured that everyone will read every word; but I realize that that's not realistic.

You can click here to read the entire article. Believe's worth it.


Melissa said...

Amen! I know exactly how you feel. When you bring up the abortion issue and people roll their eyes like you are some whacko, it's completely frustrating! Then it's, "oh! you're a one issue voter!" Conversation is over. When they can look over the vote against the Born-ALIVE Infant Protection act -- then it's no surprise that people will look over the other stuff!

Anonymous said...

That was a great article. Thanks for sharing it!