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Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy birthday, Gami!

We sure did enjoy talking to you on the phone yesterday, Gami. We love you and hope your birthday was swell. We thought of you this week and we're busy creating something to give to you next weekend when visiting. Shhhhhhh! It's a surprise!

Happy 45th.....just kidding....we all know you're really 6 _ !

Summer fun ideas

Need something to do with your child/children this summer? It's only day four and some are already hearing, "I'm so bored, Mom." Here is a list of summertime fun suggestions. I'm gonna tackle a few of them, but not in the order they're listed...'cause I'm crazy like that.

Love for another blog

Oh. My. Goodness. Sweet love.

I have a new affection for the blog WeeLife.

Too cool. She's a graphic designer with a like to all things wee. Make sure you click on her sidebar of wee____.

Visit NOW!

Which way to the DMV?

Free printable alphabet coloring pages

My kids love to color...especially Andrew. I found these cool coloring alphabet pages so I'm gonna need more ink to print them all ....because he's worth it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snapfish code

There's a new code for prints at Snapfish. Can I get an AMEN?!?!?! It's about time.

After uploading your photos to Snapfish, chose 100 of your favorites and then use coupon code LETSPRINT upon checkout. You'll only pay $12.99!

Code good until Monday, June 1....HURRY!

Annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling

Such silly boys and girls....chasing after a dairy product.

So cheesy.

BOGO Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins has a new item called the 31 Degree. It's sort of their answer to the Dairy Queen Blizzard. You might want to visit your nearest Baskin Robbins location and try one out with a friend with this BOGO coupon, which is good until June 21.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless WACKY Wednesday

RANDOM Legoland giveaway

Because my boys enjoy playing with Legos, we receive the free subscription to the Legos Kid magazine. Inside, I found a coupon for a BOGO (Buy One Get One) coupon for Legoland California child admission. Just to be clear, if you purchase one adult admission then one child enters for free. Now, since we live in the deep south, I don't see a visit to California happening anytime soon. I'd love to go considering I have family in Los Angeles, but the plane ticket just ain't gonna happen. I could just throw the coupon away but I hope that there is someone out there that REALLY REALLY REALLY wants this for a summer fun-filled trip with their child.

....So, I'm giving this coupon away to the first person who comments on this post requesting I send it to them. Once I notify that person as the winner, I will privately request their mailing address so I can get this in the mail. Don't worry...the coupon doesn't expire until December 31. You still have a full seven months left to use it!

Balloon balls/bean bags

I saw this ballon bag-ball craft on Flipflops and Applesauce and decided it was mess-free and perfect for an hour of craft time with the boys while their little sister took her afternoon nap.

Materials needed:
round party balloons (3 per ball)
rice, beans, peas, barley, cornstarch, or sand

1. Blow up one balloon to stretch it. Deflate.
2. Using a funnel, pour your food ingredient into this balloon (barley, cornstarch, or sand works best)
3. Cut off the lip of this balloon and fold the leftover neck over.
4. With the second balloon, cut off the neck and stretch it over the first balloon to secure it.
5. Repeat step four with the third balloon to give the balloon bag-ball extra strength.

I can't tell you how cool my boys thought this craft was. They enjoyed pouring the peas the most (we used split peas) and then tossing them into various buckets and baskets around the house. One party balloon bag allowed us to make four balls for two children.

You can see how the girls from Flipflops and Applesauce chose to play with their bean bag-balls, too!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have commented a few times on some pet peeves of mine, but this one tops my list: Littering.

Does the grass or road look like a trash can? Who said it was OK to toss a straw wrapper out the window? As I was leaving the grocery store today, I was behind a driver that tossed an entire potato chip bag out the window!!!!! Yes, I rolled my eyes and mumbled under my breath.

I just don't get it.

What about food, though (no gum)? Is it alright to toss a tomato or onion out the window? Thoughts? Opinions?

Stinky volcano experiment

Rain, rain, go away! Gosh, it's been raining and raining and raining around here. We are going to go crazy inside these four walls all summer if this rain doesn't let up. However, there was a 20 minute peek of sunshine one afternoon last week. I quickly gathered all the materials needed for an exploding volcano.

paper plate
plastic cup
aluminum foil
baking soda
food coloring

The kids gathered around and waited and waited for the lava to explode and, when it did, all I heard them say was, "Stinky! That vinegar stinks! Do it again, Mom!".

After putting the cup on the plate and wrapping aluminum foil around it, place a large spoonful of baking soda in it. Next, pour just enough vinegar in the cup to make the soda begin bubbling up. If you want the foam to come up fast and drip over the edges, add more soda or vinegar. I didn't have any food coloring left over from our last science project so we kept the color to a delicious coke-float theme.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Puritan reading

Remember when I said that she likes to read? Seems she's ahead of her game. Before I know it, she'll be graduating from college.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Playing in the rain

It poured rain for about an hour yesterday afternoon. I could think of nothing more fun for the boys to do than to enjoy the water, wetness, and a friend. After about an hour, they were ready to come in for a warm bath. Here, the little muscle men decided to show off what their mama gave 'em.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


While in TIMEOUT the other afternoon (he was playing too rough with his little sister), the other two kiddos couldn't resist hounding Luke with affection. I think they knew he was stuck and couldn't get up for fear of the wrath of MOM.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oscar Meyer

Click here to receive a coupon for a free pack of Oscar Meyer Beef Franks. My boys will love this for summer time picnic fun (all three of them)!

Wordless Wednesday

Look what we discovered!

On a family walk after dinner two nights ago, we stumbled across this:

It's a mama duck and her cute little ones. I wanted to get closer but I didn't want to get bit.

Going to the dentist

Luke visited the dentist this week. Daddy practiced with him the morning of so he would feel at ease in the big chair by himself.

Once we were called back, Luke didn't hesitate one bit about sitting alone or having his teeth/mouth examined. I think he enjoyed the sunglasses the most. He's growing up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walgreens coupon $5 off $25

Walgreens just released a coupon for $5 off your $25 purchase, good today and tomorrow only (Wed/Thurs.) If you don't have this week's sale paper on hand, you can click here to view it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hot rollers

See what she let me do Sunday morning before church? She saw me putting them in my hair and decided she wanted some, too. By mid afternoon, her hair was back to being straight-as-a-board...but she wasn't complaining. She had fun being like Mommy.

Posted by Picasa


This is my eye. I have heterochromia and have had it my entire 34 years of life. Most people notice it for the first time when they're having a conversation with me. The discoloration hasn't affected my vision in the least since I've always tested perfect on sight tests. I'm not really sure how I would look in glasses, anyway, and putting a contact(s) in my eye doesn't sound like fun. Either way, I hope I never have to find out.

What a weird post. I did it all for you, Alison F.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Steven "G" & Laura Leigh

Our good friends, Steve and Laura M., are currently raising support to go on staff with World Harvest Mission in Ireland come next year. They are taking their weekends to travel to various churches simply sharing their story in hopes of gaining new prayer and financial supporters. Since they are in town due to speaking at our church tomorrow, they joined us for dinner and reading times tonight.

It's really sweet to see my children quickly jump into the Morgan's laps with a book. My children don't really know Laura and Steve, other than from what I've told them (it's all good!), to see my children take to them makes my heart happy. I hope my kids enjoy their grown-up friends, find that making new friends is important, and always consider my friends their friends, too.

Happy birthday, MeMe!

My husband's side of the family came over Friday night so we could celebrate MeMe's BIG birthday together after eating spaghetti and pie. As usual, the kids all wanted to help her unwrap her gifts. My children each received $2 to pick something for MeMe from the Dollar Spot at Target.

Gifts from the kids to MeMe:

Andrew = first aid kit and pedometer
Luke = sunflowers and basil ready-to-grow pots
Abigail = lotion and cosmetic tool

I think they did pretty good.
We hope you liked it all, MeMe!
We love you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Not much of a writer

I'm not much of a writer. I like to journal my thoughts but that's about it. You really don't want to read my journal. The handwriting is messy (I think I usually fall asleep while writing since I usually get my pen out right before bed) and the words aren't that eloquent. It's full of my deepest thoughts and confession of sins. Of course, I'm still a little guarded in what I write in my journal since I know I won't be around forever whereas my journal just might. It's still too dangerous and risky for me to make a hard copy of every deep dark sin.

As I was saying, I don't really write much, but I would like to. I love to read the blogs of many of my friends who enjoy writing....friends such as Coralie who would love to publish a children's book one day, or the words of Tera who publishes frequently on Associated Content, or my friend Laura M. who has words that flow with ease and make me want to read more, and of course, Kimberly, whose posts make me feel weird when I laugh out loud alone in the room.

Well, looky there...I just wrote a few paragraphs. It's ok with me that I'm not that much of a writer....I have too many things going on in my head anyway. Sticking to my lists and to my journal is fine by me. Just don't go snooping in my bedroom trying to find it or I'll hurt you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothin' but love for the sista'

Tripp: Using threats & rewards to motivate obedience

Thank you, Paul, for speaking these words. Most of all, thank you for being true to God's law and helping other parents in their journey of parenthood.

HT: Desiring God

Random RedBox codes

I've heard that there are two Redbox codes floating out there that are working this week. Try both or either of these two codes to score a one-night free rental.



7 more months!

Don't worry, spoiler here in case you haven't caught last night's episode yet.

Now I have to wait 7 more months til the final season! AHHHHHH!

By the way, I've always liked Juliet...even when she was evil.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Piper's response to Obama on abortion

HT: A. Piper

Wordless Wednesday

Death is not dying: Rachel's story

On March 4, 2009, Rachel had an opportunity to share about her hope in the midst of terminal cancer. What began as a small talk to her church women’s group became an event attended by over 600 women and was an experience that left many with a desire to discover more about Rachel’s journey and faith. She tells that she's dying and will be gone in 6-8 weeks. Here, she shares her heart and proclaims the glory of God.
"When someone at work is making things difficult, when someone in your family is doing something you don't like, when natural disasters occur or disease happens, God is good, he is in control and he is fair. When you try to make Him into a God that serves you, you're in sin. It's our natural bent to sin...and it's our greatest problem. Know the Gospel."
Her audience was full of Believers and non-Believers. She made her 55 minute talk completely about Jesus and not about herself. What a challenge, what an inspiration, and what a moment to glorify His name. Is God enough for me?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She's a blessing

Everytime I look at her, I am overwhelmed with love. I can't believe she's mine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Derek Webb download

If you're a fan of Derek Webb like I am, go get your free download of his newest album.

RedBox Code today only

Today's RedBox code:


This might be the last free rental code released for a while. RedBox is putting a stop to the codes but may bring them back later this year. I'll keep you updated.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, I love you. I WISH I could be with you today. I'm so very thankful for you but even more thankful that you told of and showed me the love of Jesus. Happy Mother's Day!

Cheryl, you are the best mother-in-law a girl could have. I love you! I'm so thankful I'm a part of your family and I thank you for telling the good news of Christ to Mitch as he grew up. Happy Mother's Day!

Water play

What a beautiful day it was today! The temperature was in the upper 80s so we opened the new Slip-N-Slide and got wet.