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Monday, May 12, 2008

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

As I mentioned before, we participated in the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive this past Saturday, sponsored by the United States Postal Service. The kids really enjoyed packing the bag with cans, boxes, and other goodies.

Luke got so excited about the task that he decided to build a tower with his chosen items.

We set the bag by the mailbox but kept a close watch out the window for Mr. Joe, our mail carrier. When Andrew spotted Mr. Joe's truck, he yelled, "The mailman is here! The mailman is here!". So we all ran outside to meet the mailman at the box. Mr. Joe is such a sweet man. I can tell he knows Jesus. You know....there is always that obvious hint when you meet someone that they have a certain joy about life that can only come from Christ. Mr. Joe jumped out of his seat to put the heavy bag into his truck and then gave my boys a hug. He even took the time to pose with them for this picture.

I think that I'm going to encourage the boys to begin celebrating "Mr. Joe Day" each month so Mr. Joe will know how much we appreciate him. Maybe we'll stick a treat in the box for him each week or so.

I walked away from the mailbox feeling happy that we had not only given away food to hungry families but that we had made a new friend who we can see working hard everyday in our neighborhood.


BKicklighter said...

That post made me think of the song from Sesame Street, "A postman is a person in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood. . a person that you meet each day!"

Our postman was obviously NOT excited about Stamp Out Hunger and hurled our bag over his shoulder into the truck. Maybe he DOESN't know Jesus?

Kim said...

very cool!