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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Luke sings "Amazing Love" (kind of)

Luke loves to sing "Amazing Love" and just discovered that it's cool to hear how different his voice sounds when singing through a glass. He gets some of the words mixed up but it's precious! Funny little dude.

Amazing Love
O what sacrifice
The Son of God, givn' for me
My debt He paid
And my death He died
That I might live

And so.....they watched Him die
Despised, rejected
That I the guilty one
May go free!


BKicklighter said...

THat is ADORABLE. As cute as it is, I have to say I love hearing you crack up just as much!!!

Kara said...


Holly Tye said...

that was PRECIOUS! i'm smiling big!

Heidi said...

Yes! I love this post! He is so cute! I can't wait til our babies can play together, Jawan!!! Our little girls will have so much fun -- Abigail can teach our little one how to navigate with singing brothers 'til she gets her own. :-)

Great posts, as always, of your kids and crafts,