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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My list

I saw this method of "tag" on Brian Murphy's blog and thought I'd give it a try. This list pertains to me, not what I see about or in others.

10 things I liked when I was a teenager but hate now...
1. makeup
2. going along with the newest trend
3. trying to "fit in"
4. christian book stores
5. fast food (however, it's certainly convenient with small children!)
6. big hair
7. video games
8. painted fingernails
9. big earrings
10. sleeping in late

10 things I didn't like when I was a teenager but like now...
1. books
2. alcohol
3. flip flops
4. tattoos (I don't have one but I think they're neat)
5. sermons
6. people different than me
7. politics
8. the elderly
9. A Friday night with "nothing to do"
10. bluegrass music

10 things I liked as a teenager and still like...
1. children
2. exercise
3. computers
4. Bit-O-Honey candy
5. music
6. ice cream
7. long deep conversations
8. convertibles
9. church
10. my siblings (they don't get on my nerves as much now as they used to - HA!)

10 things I did not like as a teenager and still do not like…
1. criminals
2. shoe shopping
3. foul language
4. sleeping on my back
5. taking medicine
6. tomatoes
7. brushing my teeth (I only do it to save money on dental work)
8. being late
9. rap music
10. stinky male body odor

Don't worry, I'm not "tagging" anyone....but you can copy this idea if you want. Let me know if you make your own list so I can see how quirky YOU are!

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