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Monday, March 02, 2009


I've always wanted my kids to experience snow....I just never thought it would actually be in our own frontyard in west central Georgia; much less 2-4 inches of it! After we got home from church, we skipped rest time and let the boys stay outside and play. We quickly discovered that this southern family just wasn't prepared for this kind of weather. We had no waterproof clothes of any kind and only own one pair of rainboots for our kids. We played anyway. Mitch helped the boys build a snowman, have snowball fights, and sled down the hills. I, on the other hand, stayed inside with Abigail while she napped and I then occasionally ventured outside to snap a few photos. I was the "official photographer" and later was given the title of "defrosting bath giver".

Click on the collage for an enlarged view:

I like to look at snow but I don't care too much for playing in it (although, it was fun to throw a few handfuls at my husband and sons). I am sort of sad the snow will all melt away over most of today, but it was fun while it was here! Memories were made and scrapbook pages will be filled.
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Melissa said...

I'm so happy you all got snow!! So much fun and what a memory for the kids!

Pam said...

Not that you'll ever see snow again while your kids are little, but when we were little we didn't have all the snow garb. so my mom put bread sacks over our shoes. Just an idea if you see snow again.

Kelly M said...

Y'all got more snow than we did. We barely got a dusting. Looks like FUN!!