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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mothers: What is your priority?

More wise words from GirlTalk regarding motherhood and all the distractions that it encounters:

Here's the post in its entirety:

So how do we walk carefully through the season of mothering young children? How do we know if we’re distracted or focused on the right things?

We need to determine biblical priorities for our season, and then consistently evaluate whether or not we are living according to those priorities.

For moms with young kids, it’s pretty simple. Three non-negotiables top the list:

1. The gospel
2. Your husband
3. Your children

Ask yourself: Am I preserving these biblical priorities as my top priorities?

Then consider other activities—from your daily Internet or cell phone habits or hobbies or pleasures like reading or television or hanging out with friends—to significant endeavors such as a home business or serving opportunity.

Ask yourself:

Does my time spent on ________ cut into my time for consistent practice of the spiritual disciplines?

Does _________ hinder me from putting my husband’s needs first?

Does my investment in ________ distract me from the teaching, training, discipline, care and encouragement of my children?

Does my level of involvement in_______ cause me to be rushed, hurried, distracted or anxious in caring for my family and training my children?

If we’re consistent at checking our facebook wall but not in prayer, or if we’re attentive to our etsy site or blog but not our children, then we need to make a change.

HT: GirlTalk

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Holly Tye said...

whoa... that was a good one! thanks for the reminder!