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Friday, March 27, 2009

Losing my head...(my sanity)

I've noticed lately that I've done several things that cause me to wonder, "what's going on in this brain of mine?":

1. I started the washing machine, poured the liquid detergent in and walked away to get the dirty laundry. Somewhere along the path to the laundry, I guess I got distracted because an hour later I glanced in the laundry room and saw a full washer just waiting on some clothes to churn. At least there was no water a-wasting.

2. Last night for dinner, while rinsing beef in the sink, I poked my head outside to let the family know the food would be ready in ten minutes. I guess I got distracted and ended up walking outside to help one of my children get on their bike. This led to helping another child balance on their skateboard, and then helping my husband get our OTHER child out of the rear riding bike seat. When I walked back in four or five minutes later, the water was still running, rinsing the beef. All I could think about was the water bill.

3. I put the milk in the cabinet this morning.

4. I put a shoe in the fridge this afternoon.

5. There are many more I could write about but I'm too embarrassed to mention them now.


heather said...

I have run loads of laundry...without the clothes being in there...and I have, on more than one occasion, found a vegetable I was making for dinner, in the microwave, the next morning. I hate that! Sometimes multitasking doesn't go so smoothly...=)

Kim said...


Anonymous said...

welcome to my world. love elaine lott

Libby said...

Are you pregnant? You know I love you so much....

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

Gotta say, Jawan...

I was wondering if preggo brain was to blame too. ;)