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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bind us together

Did the title make you wanna sing the old hymn? Oh, memories.....

I promise I didn't ask them to hold hands for this picture. It happened naturally. It didn't last long but I managed to snap the picture just before they dropped their grips. See the guinea hens in the background? That's what the kids were headed for....on their tip toes, walking slowly in silence. That didn't last long either....the slow silence, that is.

I love this picture.


Melissa said...

I could cry that is so precious! and thanks! now I've got the song in my head. . . the version w/ Evie Tornquist-- remember her?:)

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

That picture is just amazing. What a treasure!

Holly Tye said...

sooooooooooo sweet!!! i love it! (and how appropriate that the word verification code for my comment is "unrush" ... funny).

Amber said...

Great Great Pic!!!