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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Caught red-handed

I traveled north a few weekends ago to spend a Saturday afternoon with my brother and sister-in-law-to-be. The directions to his house were easy but I managed to take the business route instead of the bypass once I got into his city (this city shall go unnamed, but let's just it's only a few miles south of Atlanta, off I-75). Gosh, darn...wish I hadn't done that. I got a letter in the mail today notifying me of a traffic violation. You know those traffic cameras posted on the top of light poles, stop lights, etc? Yeah, one of those things caught me breaking the law. Seems I ran a red light and they are requiring me to pay up. I can't even dispute it....along with the fine notice, the kind police department sent me not one, but three pictures of me committing the "crime". Honestly, I giggled for a bit when I opened the letter....only after lifting my jaw.

Looking back, I'm just thankful I didn't cause an accident or worse.


Joni M said...

Oh I'm so sorry Jawan...I always wondered if they really sent tickets out or if it was just a scam to freighten people not to run the lights...guess I know now they really do send out tickets. Bummer! They've put up 3 sets of these lights out by where we live now and I do see those lights flashing all the time!

Tasha said...

Awesome! Pictures to scrapbook. Memories for your family to laugh at. I mean cherish. ;)

Amber said...

oooh. sorry... I, in my sinfulness of course, ABHOR getting caught--hatin' it for ya girl. Ginger told me that in England, everything is caught on camera--for instance, you can be on camera literally 300 times in one day--from the time you leave your house/flat, til the time you get back home. She said they don't even need patrol law enforcement b/c everything is caught on video and they send you the ticket in the mail. She did also say that they don't really have a problem with speeding and road law violations b/c of that. hmmm...guessing the idea is picking up in the states?