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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peculiar People like grub

At church tonight, we hosted the amazing duo theatrical group, Peculiar People. I think this was my fifth time seeing them in action and I must say that I never bore of their talent. More than their gift of words and action, there's one more thing about the duo (Charlie and Ruth) that impresses me even more - their decision to move from their quiet country home in Tennessee, where they had lived for MANY years, to an apartment in the downtown area of a town in North Carolina. Why? Because they have a desire to enrich the community, learn from other artists, and follow Christ as He leads them in the Arts & Entertainment. They answered God's call to make a physical move from their comfort of home, church, and friends to a place where they knew no one.

One method the Jones' are using to accomplish this task is that of Supper Club, also known as Greensboro Grub. It's a monthly dinner night at the Jones' home where they invite 50 people to come and eat Charlie's cookin' as they all gather around one lengthy table. After dinner, they move to the living room where everyone is encouraged to use their talents and perform. Go here to see pictures and read more about Grub Night. What community. A true picture of how valuable relationships really are!

Below is a clip of Charlie welcoming Believers and Non-Believers to his home for grub time.

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