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Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer boredom buster ideas

Most of my friends are mothers to preschoolers but I think this list can be altered in ways that are necessary for younger ages. This list of ideas came from The Happy Housewife.

If when you ask your kids what they want to do this summer they come up with either completely unrealistic expectations or they can’t think of anything, here are a few ideas to help them along.

Join the summer reading club at the library.

Visit a nursing home. Many of the residents are very lonely and would love to see the smiling faces of children.

If you are going on vacation, have your kids research the area you are going to and find something interesting they would like to see or do there.

All those games in the back of your hall closet… play them.

Let your kids plan and cook a few meals a week.

Get a pen pal for your child.

Research movies that are also books, have your kids read the book and then watch the movie to compare.

Find unique places in your area and visit them.

Have your kids start a wildlife journal.

Find an elderly person your neighborhood and have your (older) child help them for a few hours a week. They could mow their yard, clean house, or just visit.

With supervision, kids can go around the neighborhood and pick up trash.

Get a membership to a local museum, zoo, aquarium.

Teach your child a life skill this summer.

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