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Friday, June 20, 2008

Friends from childhood

Christy and Summer. Two very close and sweet friends. We graduated together and have stayed in touch since then (gosh, that was fifteen years ago). They both came to Columbus this past week so we could meet up for lunch. We laughed our boodies off and had fun conversation.

I've known Summer (center) since I was a wee little child. We didn't go to school together until the fifth grade but we knew each other before then because we were both very involved in the same church (choir, Sunday school, Mission Friends, G.A.s). In fact, Summer's father was my mom's boss for quite some time so we ran together in many circles. She still lives in our hometown with her husband and three children. When I stand next to Summer, I feel like a munchkin! Wish I had that height! Summer, I miss spending time with you. It was a blessing to see you whenever I wanted to when we lived in T'ville for those eight months back in '04. Please come back to Columbus when you can. I loved holding that sweet baby boy of yours!

Christy....oh, goodness...where do I start? I can hear her cackling now. Christy moved to my hometown just before we started the seventh grade. Her father took a ministerial position at our church, moving the family from Ft. Worth, TX, to our tiny Georgia town. Since her family settled just two streets over from mine, we became quick friends. I began riding to school with her and her brother and we were inseparable for quite some time. To my delight, Christy now lives just 30 minutes from me! We'll be seeing alot of each other and that makes me happy. We are both wives to pastors and both have daughters with the same name (I had it first, Christy - but I didn't copy you!). Christy, you are a hoot and I long to spend as much time with you as I can. Have fun at the beach next week and let's do a playdate when you return.

Now, if only I could get a picture with Ashley, Dawn, Tyler, and Claire....

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