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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My child's portrait

I have a sweet friend named Carolyn. She and I worked together for a couple of years at our school and always enjoyed having conversation in passing or as she dropped off her class in my art room. We share alot in common such as a passion for scrapbooking and anything crafty. Well, low and behold, she picked up a colored pencil one day and started drawing! All these years and no one ever knew, not even her, how gifted an artist she was. Carolyn would never admit to that but I'll brag for her because her work is amazing.

So, after seeing Carolyn's work, I immediately asked her to draw Abigail's face from a picture that my friend, Holly, took. Here's the final result and comparison.

Here's the photograph of Abigail by Holly:

Here's the pencil drawing of Abigail by Carolyn:

So, if you are interested in having Carolyn draw the face of your loved one, please contact me. She is eager to do more work! If you'll email or call me, I'll give you Carolyn's contact information so you can communicate with her directly. She is waiting with her pencils ready!


Leslie said...

J- email me her info... I am interested, ans so are sopme friends from nursing school!

Holly Tye said...

that's beautiful! thanks for sharing!