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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Andrew has a fever of 102 and tested positive for strep throat yesterday. He spent the rest of the day on the couch or in my lap. He had a few hours of no fever today (after the Ibuprofen kicked in) upon which he spent fighting with his little brother. Andrew is upset that he missed swimming lessons Tuesday night but he's ready to take his medicine so he can go back to the pool tonight!

Abigail was awake for three hours last night screaming in pain. This is very unlike her. I took her to see the doctor today as well and it was discovered that she has a double ear infection (is that a groan of understanding, Becky? Or are you just glad it's me and not you this go-around?).

Luke.....well, he's Luke. Always perky; always hyper; always a clown. I don't think that child has been sick one day in his life. I just realized something as I typed that last sentence....he's the only one of my three children that I nursed longer than a year. Hmmmm.

Guess what, Mom? Abigail is about to celebrate her first birthday and I'm actually NOT pregnant this go around! I look back and find it funny that I was pregnant with Luke on Andrew's first birthday and then pregnant with Abigail on Luke's first birthday. Maybe next summer. HA!


Becky said...

Funny, we spent an hour plus in the pediatrician's office yesterday to have KB's ears checked!!! Turns out she is fine (better be after $7000 surgery)but there is a virus going around that gives you a fever and trouble sleeping. What kind of DUMB virus is that?????

amy said...

I nursed maggie for 18 months and that child is NEVER sick either. She has has a stomach virus ONCE in almost seven years and one ear infection at age 5. That's it. My others refused to nurse past 11 months.

Pam said...

Where did you get the cute picture of the giraffe? I'm not real savvy with blogging stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ear infections and stomach viruses are making rounds here in Bham area. Fun times, I hope we avoid them!!!