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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pottery with Andrew

Andrew has always been very involved in organized outdoor activity but this summer brings a rest to those sports schedules. We decided together that he could do something creative with his hands so we checked out our community art center. Year round pottery classes are offered for children ages five and up so I hurried to register him this past spring for classes that would take place this month! Last night was Andrew's first class and I know he really enjoyed it! In an hour, he completed a fine piece of work - a cool country birdhouse. It will soon be ready to fire, paint, and bring home. It's exciting to think of all that he's learning, including vocabulary, fine motor skills using various tools, and how to serve others as they all sit at one table sharing many items. I'll be sure to update each week with a picture of his newest clay creation.

1 comment:

Meme said...

That is great! He is very creative just like you. I know he is proud of himself and tell him I am too.