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Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday, Abigail!

We had a small gathering of people over at our house Friday evening to join us in celebrating Abigail's second birthday. She's growing up and it makes me feel.....sad and happy at the same time. You mothers out there know what I'm talkin' about.

Her birth was (c-section) routine and things have been smooth ever since. Her personality is strong and she is such an independent little thing. She loves to pucker up and give kisses and does it quite often! Oh, she is so precious to us! We pray that we will live lives in front of her that display Christ so she will see where our joy comes from and who we delight in. We deserve nothing but death yet God has been so good to give us children (three!). What a magnificent Lord He is!

Only two years of age, going on 16.
We'll let Pop teach her how to drive.


The Montgomery Family said...

Happy Birthday from us here in Wisconsin! I have something cute for her but I haven't made it to the post office yet. Soon!

BTW: Her hair is so pretty! Good thing she doesn't want a cut like her brothers' :-)

Melissa said...

Beautiful little girl! Happy birthday, Abigail!!