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Friday, July 31, 2009

My weekly A La Carte

Ok, so Challies does it and so does AHM. I think I'll join the club and do an A La Carte, too. I mean, there's so much good and funny stuff out there in cyberspace!

Our Wayward Children
Noelle Piper describes what it was like having a wayward child reconnect with their family and to God.

My Life on Antidepressants: Taming the Beast
This article was written in preparation for a magazine feature promoting my friend, Betty Smartt Carter, who released her first volume of memoirs in the same year, 2003. I think her writings are funny and full of depth. She's even more hilarious in person.

Wedding Party Gets Their Groove On

Over 12 million people have viewed it but I can't resist posting it once more in another spot on the Internet. If you haven't seen the sweet dancin' crazy wedding party procession, you should make some time for it. Afterwards, you can read Amanda's and/or Lisa's take on it.

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