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Monday, August 03, 2009

Colored ice for bathtime fun

Oh, I knew immediately when I saw her post on Little Hands, Big Work that I was gonna do it! I didn't waste any time....I rushed to the kitchen, filled the muffin tin with water, added four drops to each circle, and put it in the freezer. I didn't tell the kiddos as I wanted it to be a surprise when I found the right time to plop the colored ice in the bath water. Today, after an afternoon full of slip-n-slide fun, the kids needed a good rinse in the tub. Quickly, I threw the colored ice in the water (to their amazement) and listened....."Wow! Look at the colors! Watch as it melts! The water is turning blue! Can I eat it?".

Such fun!

P.S. - Typical bath water is warm to hot.....the ice doesn't last very long so don't be disappointed.

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