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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Just some info

Abigail likes snowglobes as much as her Daddy does. Yes, Mitch is a fan of the snowglobe. As long as it's not too terribly tacky. The smaller, the better....and absolutely no music. Funny noises, yes. Music, no (unless it's a tune to make the globe seem funny). Well, now.....that's some useless info.

It's time for tossing...again. She's 16 months old in this picture.
Seems Daddy tosses around the same age for each baby.

Playing a game on the floor with Dad. Mom's always too busy taking pictures.

By the way, my LCD screen is shot on my wonderful camera. Just in time for the holidays.

1 comment:

Mitch said...

Actually, tacky snow globes are hilariously wonderful. It would be great to have a job deciding what to put in those things so you could just sit around and think of the most random and tacky stuff ever to be memorialized in small, glass museums full of fake snow!