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Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas tree blues

As a family, we decorated our Christmas tree Sunday night. It was fun to watch the kids laugh as they dug out ornaments they had made from previous years. Mitch and I made sure to hang the glass ornaments high on the tree and kept the plastic and lighter ones near the bottom. We knew Luke and Andrew would obey by not pulling on the tree....but, Abigail....well, that's a different story.

We had our tree up one day before Abigail brought it crashing down.

Here's our tree BEFORE Abigail got a hold of it:

Here's our tree AFTER Abigail pulled on the branches and barely got hit by the fake limbs:

We've bought two artificial tree stands and neither of them fit. We have one more store to explore before giving up and possibly buying a new tree. Heck, we've even thought up ways to make what we have work....sand, towels, rocks.....forget it.

Andrew mentioned to me today that he was sad the tree was broken and not lit up.
Me, too,, too.



amy said...

Yes--the older kiddos can keep their hands off with no problems. Ellie has already been messing with it. She ate a whole strand of popcorn off the bottom of the tree while John was supposed to be watching her the other night. Nice.

The Montgomery Family said...

No problem here with the kids (after a day or two of scolding) but the CAT on the other hand.

He gets very few unsupervised moments with the tree. But he loves to drink the water. EWWWW!

Tasha said...

My parents always nailed the tree down to the floor. I never knew different until I got married.