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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Crabs are hermits

Mitch and I drive separately to church since he needs to be there earlier than me. Sunday mornings are RUSH RUSH RUSH so I often pull out of the driveway with most of the morning a blur in my mind...and it's usually only 9:45 when the ignition turns!

A few Sundays back, I came home early after church since Abigail was running a low fever. Mitch kept the boys with him while he locked up the church. As I began preparing lunch in the kitchen, I noticed the top of the hermit crab cage was off and our two crabs were missing! Oh my...did they escape? I called Mitch and asked him if he knew anything about the crab's whereabouts and he giggled and told me he hadn't a clue. This story is sounding rather weird, huh?

So, moving on, everyone laid down for their Sunday afternoon nap except for me since I had decided there was too much laundry to fold. I plopped down on the floor and began folding while skimming a few shows on TiVo. That's when I heard scrapping.....and more scrapping...and then more scrapping. I tuned me ear in the direction of the noise. I moved the couch, took off cushions, rearranged furniture, but couldn't place the noise. I surrendered and didn't think about it again.

Soon thereafter, Luke woke up from his nap and sat in my lap. This was our conversation:

ME: Did you know the crabs have escaped? They are missing and I don't know where they are!


Sure thing. They're gone, dude!
This is when Luke jumps from my lap, goes to one of the end tables, pulls out the drawer and points to Scarecrow and Frosty, our two hermit crabs. Seems they were crab-napped. He had put them in the drawer before leaving for church that morning. He thought they needed a new home. Guess I should change their sand more often.

That little stinker (Luke, that is...not the sand)!

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