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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's pictures

I know that some people couldn't care less about seeing MORE pictures of my children but I'm posting them's my blog after all. I would like to be able to sit and write more posts than I do. Writing is a favorite thing of mine but sometimes it's just quicker to post a picture or two. The grandparents would rather see their grandbabies anyway. Tee hee!

Andrew made his first visit to the dentist today. He got an excellent cavitites! The dentist did say, however, that Andrew will one day wear braces since there's no space between his teeth for larger teeth to emerge. Better start saving for that now, I guess.

Abigail loves putting things in her mouth. I think this picture turned out pretty nice, despite the bib and slimy biscuit around her mouth.


Jenn said...

that camera takes awesome pics, now I want a new camera, a really good one. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the dentist appointment went well. I meant to ask you how he did since we'll be following close behind... You are doing GREAT with the camera!!! This shot is excellent- looks like you got some great natural light! She's beautiful!

(couldn't remember my blogspot password) :)