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Friday, February 22, 2008

Kacie Time

I had lunch with my sweet friend, Kacie, yesterday. She made me a delicious peanut butter and jelly was so good that she made a third so we could split it! What a true fancy fixings...just bread and the good stuff (I'll bring you an extra loaf next time I come over since we probably ate all that you had!). How sweet it is to fellowship with the body of believers. Kacie has been at our church for a year and I love seeing her and spending time together as much as possible. We've actually made a close bond with her parents who have driven down from St. Louis twice to visit with her and her husband. Kacie, you are such a kind and encouraging friend. Thank you for loving me. I look foward to eating many more PB&J sandwiches together (and grilled cheese, too!). Love ya!

1 comment:

Mike and Kacie said...

I'll fix you a PB&J anytime, and you can make the sweet tea! :)