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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Crayon Craft

I've have been wanting to do this craft since I first saw it published last February in that month's issue of Family Fun magazine. Last year I couldn't find my large one gallon tub of crayon bits (given to me by my sister who now has teenagers who no longer use crayons) since we were in the midst of moving but I located it a few days ago to finally prepare for this venture with the boys. My friends (links to the right), Becky and Kirstin, have already posted about their adventure doing this same activity. They are some crafty pals!

Andrew liked peeling the paper off the crayons and Luke like breaking them. Go figure. I couldn't illustrate their personalities any better. Andrew is systematic and "by the book" while Luke is a free spirit, roaming where the wind blows. Andrew likes peace, order, and practicality. Luke likes to bite, hit, scream, dance, and jump. So, my two sons butted heads quite a bit during this craft activity but we managed to get it done. Notice that I'm sitting in the middle - lately it seems that all I've been saying is, "Are you choosing to obey or disobey? When you obey Mama then God is glorified". What I DO really want to scream is, "Stop whining! Don't slap your brother! Get your hand off of your baby sister's head! HUSH! No, you can't have any more juice! Yes, I did dilute it with water because we're trying to save money by not buying juice ALL THE TIME! Why are you asking me that for the 121st time? NO, gum is not considered a snack. You don't need help going to the potty. Get off the counter top. If you eat any more cheese sticks then you won't be able to poop! It costs money to take more than the needed one bath every once in a while per day.", and so on.....

Andrew and Luke are going to give these crayon hearts to their class for Valentines Day along with candy & their Harley Davidson cards (I knew you would like that touch, BB and Heidi). We really did have fun making these but I only let them make one tray of them. After that, I put them down for a nap and finished the next two batches by myself!


BKicklighter said...

I only let mine do one tray too and I finished them up during their lunch! We really are alike :)

amy said...

That is so funny--I am planning on doing the same craft come Tuesday--our scheduled art day!

Heidi said...

Hey! Love that they got Harley Davidson cards for V-Day! Send us any orange and black crayon hearts :-)

Your crayon craft was really beautiful -- you have such a great camera, Jawan and you take such great pictures. What a blogspiration you are!

Loved the JibJab slideshow too. I can't pick a favorite kid!

Love ya!

kim said...

what a neat idea - they were very pretty too!

Davina said...

Thanks for making me laugh:) Davina