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Friday, July 01, 2011

Just a few random pics

Mitch couldn't contain his laughter over dinner the other night. He about lost his sweet tea and chips from his mouth. Yeah, that would have been gross...glad it didn't come to that. But, I just happened to have my camera at the table when he busted. We've been married almost 12 years and this man still makes me laugh hysterically.

Our little spider.

Her birthday is only a week away. She is having a princess party and dresses up as much as possible when she can find a dress. Then, she shows it off and begins her ballet routine. Cracks me up.

Two crazy monkeys that I found at Monkey Joe's.

Luke's favorite drinking glass. Don't ask me why he's got it with him next to the van.

Staring contest.....Luke won.

The grandmothers enjoy pictures, so this post if specifically made for them.

The reason Andrew is missing from these pictures is because he has been away at camp all week. He will return, I promise!

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