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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 41 SUNDAY!

Oh, I love Sundays! Church is always good for my soul.

Luke's fifth birthday was this past December. Instead of getting gifts for his birthday, he asked for his friends to bring food, toys, and treats for a dog (any dog). We kept forgetting to actually take the treats to a shelter or rescue center until this past weekend. It's taken me seven months to finally help him fulfill his desire to deliver the treats....I'm a HUGE slacker! We remembered that PetSmart has the area rescue shelters come to the store in hopes of adopting out some of their animals so we packed up the treats and finally delivered the goods. Luke was so excited to help and be a part of giving pleasure to the dogs.

Then it rained most of the afternoon so we pulled random things out of the craft cabinet and settled on making some plastic forms. The kids really enjoyed the small attention to detail and we all sat at the table for over an hour making these little things (what do you do with them now, though?) and having fun conversation.

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