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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Day 40

Believe it or not, we love spending a few minutes at Home Depot on the first Saturday each month - it allows the kids to be carpenters and bang the hammer against some nails! Today, they made a coaster set and plan to paint it sometime next week to add their creative touch and tell their's apart from their siblings'. They are eagerly awaiting the pencil box project in August.

Luke did all the placing and pounding by himself.

Dad has to help Abigail just a wee bit.

It's good to have Andrew back at home. He was in his element and finished the project without any assistance. Wow, he's growing up.

After eating lunch with some friends and taking an afternoon rest at home, we ventured to Mitch's parent's house for a swim and for dinner. One of my favorite moments to watch is when the kids get the deck of cards out and play GO FISH with their grandmother every time we visit. It will truly be a sweet memory for them (and her!).

And just as they were starting a new game, Abigail asked to play but needed help. Andrew scooped her up and put her in his lap so he could help her with her cards. After all the repeating, disciplining, and moments of helplessness that I've experienced today (and everyday), this was a moment that God used to show me himself. They are hearing the gospel and they really do love each other.

If I had gotten a more clear picture of this moment it would have meant that I would have had to get closer...I wasn't risking it! If they saw me take this, they might have split!

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