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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 47 - birthday party!

Three days after her fourth birthday, our extended family and friends got together to celebrate Abigail's special occasion. It was a sweet, sweet time.

She's been asking for a bike since Christmas. Thanks to one of her grandparents, she finally got one. If it wasn't so wet outside from the rain, and time would allow, she would be outside pedaling at super speed all the day long. See that basket? She wants to put her dolls and water bottle in it so she can take them for a ride!

You can never take too many pictures of family!

Enjoying the cake and ice cream.

The little girls dressed up as various princess / characters and the adults smiled while watching them flit and float around the room playing musical chairs.

Abigail always loves spending time with these sisters, Anna and Megan. They seek her out and even pursue her by taking her out alone for ice cream and having Abigail over to their house to play. She invited the sisters to her party and they were delighted to come! I'm thankful that God is using these gals as godly examples of older women in love with Jesus.

Oh, how I want to cling to these younger years and soak up every minute of her life! It's true....they do grow up too fast. As she matures, I pray I will observe her heart soften and that she'll grab hold tightly to the gospel of Jesus, proclaiming his goodness to the nations.

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