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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Day Twelve

What a relaxing day this was! We slept in a little bit, hung out with the neighbors, watered the garden, got in the sprinkler/pool, and then had dinner with amazing friends, the Cowans and Kicklighters.

These two little girls love each other even though they are separated by hundreds of miles and visits. Abigail has spoken of and prayed for her friend since she moved away last year. It was good to see them reunited.

The two pictures above remind me of another set of great friends.

Anyway, onto the rest of the day.....

The Wilkersons, the McGinnises, and the Cowans.

Kicklighters, Cowans, & McGinnis.

Sweet friends from different stories and years of life.
Now, we all know one another!

So you see how tired these kids look?
They were worn out but waiting patiently for their moms to fix their dinner plates.

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