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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Thirteen- Saturday

So, on Day 13, Coralie and I got to celebrate Becky's 40th birthday with her by eating lunch and dessert with a few of Becky's favorite people. Even though I only knew four people going into the lunch, I left having made some new friends! Again, I'm in awe at the wonder, beauty, and community of God.

So, we left the party with the need to pick up a few grocery items for dinner that night.

I asked and I received (Thanks, Coralie!).

Yes, it's true. I took my camera in with me on my first EVER visit to Trader Joe's Grocery while in St. Louis with Coralie. I've always heard about it and I know it's just a trendy food store...but I still wanted to capture what made it so....well....special.

It's a small store - smaller than I imagined. But, it made perfect sense, considering....

Maybe it's the fact that every item in the store is the Trader Joe brand. I really like generic! Wait, did I just call Trader Joe "generic"? Is that ok?

Wait, maybe it's the colorful produce section.

Or, it could be because of the cool brown paper bags with handles!

Once we got back to our families, we realized the children were experiencing a high level of "cabin fever". At their request, we took them to, where else?....Cabela's! While there, they saw the fish tanks, the mountain of stuffed animals, and climbed on displays that weren't supposed to be climbed upon (yeah, chalk that up to great mothering - and reading - skills. See the sign behind Luke's tree stand? I didn't see it until I got home and downloaded the picture!).

Also, Coralie and I met a mutual friend, Elizabeth, in the store. She is our friend from Georgia who is now living in Virginia but was in St. Louis to visit us and other friends. WILD CIRCLES!

After all the big kids were in bed, the 5 week old stayed up with the adults to watch Vancouver beat Boston - Go 'Nucks! She even gave a fist pump to declare her devotion to her team.

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