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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 24

Wow, today was full.....but how does one take a picture of her dentist looming over her with her mouth open, drooling, eyes shut, and listening to multiple drills in her numb mouth? Yep...another dental visit today. Good thing I like those gals. So, thanks to Facebook, here are pictures of my two favorite dentists - they are the best!

Dr. B is so funny! She keeps me laughing and makes me feel like a friend when she greets me. I think it's really cool that she is actually my second dentist at this practice. For the first 3-4 years of being a patient there, it was just Dr. S (below). Most people have a hard time accepting "the new girl" and often will just ask to stick with who they know. From the get-go, Dr. B won me over with her wise cracks and genuine interest. I mean, who else blogs about their dentists?

For a long 6 years, this lady, Dr. S, has taken care of my teeth. We have had conversations about vitamins, pregnancy, family, church, ....and, oh yeah....teeth! Although she often finds trouble spots in my mouth, she is gentle and patient. I've blogged about her before and I'll keep doing it, too!


We swam this afternoon and it took so much energy for me to keep the kids awake on the drive home!

Oh, yeah...I did manage to take one boring picture today. When I was in Staples redeeming my coupon, the kids wanted to visit Lifeway next door to peruse through the children's music and video section. Their VBS theme this week is Jonah so I thought it was fitting that the movie showing in the store when we arrived was the VeggieTales Jonah movie.

It's currently raining and the thunder is amazing! Mitch is asleep on the couch with Abigail (who woke due to the thunder), my little boys are in their room sleeping in the basketball shorts and no shirts ("Mom, I get really hot at night. Can I sleep in just my shorts like a man?"), and I'm about to shut this thing down for the night.

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agbassett said...

Jawan you are the sweetest...Thank you...I enjoy working on you!!!