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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 17

We swam at the Cornwall house where I took very few pictures because I spent my entire time talking with good friends and holding a newborn little girl! Not only was swimming fun but so was camping with friends in a fun tent in air conditioning!

We came home exhausted but I tried to keep the kids awake until supper.

I failed.

Each day, the kids ask, "When can we do our school work?". I decided to purchase the simple workbooks from Walmart a few months back so the children could do a page a day or just every so often. THEY LOVE THIS TIME OF OUR DAY! After waking from their exhaustion, they tackled some math.

McAlister's lets two kids eat free with every one adult meal purchase on Wednesday nights. Therefore, a Wednesday evening ritual is to go to McAlister's and feed our entire family for only $13! cooking or cleaning for me that night - which was a good thing because, after putting the kids to bed, Mitch and I watched Inception.

What did I think? It was an interesting movie but demanded WAY too much of my brain at 11PM. The layered dreaming was wild!

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