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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 22

Today was emotionally hard for me. Empty tank, tired of being touched/bumped/jumped on, exhausted of demands, housework, errands, short on time, and in need of some "alone time" (to myself, with God, & with my husband). I'm praying for joy and my desperate need to extend grace to my children and, often, to my husband. That's other way to dance around the fact that I'm a sinner and am so thankful for my Savior - Jesus. Oh, how I need him.

Anyway.....onto today. We are attending VBS at another PCA church in town this week so the kids were excited about that and came home singing to the top of their lungs praises to God. I'll never tire of that....except when I'm trying to concentrate on driving in the car or answering a phone call.

Our friend, Virginia, asked us to come over and play with her dogs this afternoon so we jumped right into the car and prepared for the licking invasion. All our kids love dogs and I wish that we could give them a childhood filled with memories of having one of their own - it's just not conducive to our life right now. I'm thankful for friends who share their dogs with us (Virginia, Brysons, Cox, Luthers!).

Virginia was purging through some of her belongings from all walks of her life and found this doll bunk bed set (American Doll collection?). She offered it to Abigail and my little girl was so excited about it that she set it up immediately when we got home. Her babies now have a place to sleep at night where Abigail feels is safe and comfortable. She even gives them goodnight kisses.

I had a great conversation on Facebook tonight with my brother, then on the phone with my mother and sister. Made me want to hop in the car and visit them all for the rest of the week!

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