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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 23

My kids are really enjoying VBS this week. There are tents in the classrooms, shells and fish everywhere (Jonah theme), lots of smiles and songs, and Scripture read and memorized throughout the mornings. I love that they long for friendships and stories of the one true God. I catch them singing the songs from VBS, sometimes in weird vocalizations and dance moves!

She wakes up every morning asking to watch ballet videos on YouTube and if we have enrolled her in a class yet. She even sleeps in her ballet leotard and is begging for more of them in different colors. It has begun.....

Her ballet moves.

Tonight, we had dinner with three other couples and I can't explain how fun and easy the conversations were. We talked about everything from marriage, college, kids, music, church, and movies. I'm so thankful for sweet friends....they are valuable!

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