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Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things

It's been circulating on Facebook for over a week and I've been tagged at least five times. It's past due time.

1. I can't stand to be barefoot. I must always have shoes and/or socks on (except when I sleep - duh).
2. I love being outdoors.
3. I used to clog competitively.
4. I hate heat on my face.
5. We're taking the family to Orlando (Disney!) in June. It will be their first experience, my fourth.
6. I'm not pregnant (can you believe it?).
7. I was born in Mississippi, raised in Georgia, lived in Florida for two summers, went to grad school in Alabama, and have family in South Carolina. I've never been to Louisiana.
8. It's taken almost twelve years but I just paid off my undergraduate school loan.
9. I get irritated if I'm touched while brushing my teeth.
10. I'd rather vacation in the mountains than at the beach.
11. I'm not real crazy about cats.
12. I own a guitar I've never played.
13. I own a flute I can't find.
14. We own several toy instruments that I randomly step on.
15. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.
16. I am a night owl.
17. My wedding dress still hangs on my closet door.
18. I hate decorating. We've lived in this house for two years and the walls are mostly bare.
19. I am addicted to a few TV shows: Lost, 24, American Idol, and few more that will remain nameless.
20. I love going "home" to visit my mom and sister.
21. I think my kids are amazing. I don't deserve them!
22. Macaroni-n-cheese from the box is my favorite food.
23. I hate, hate, hate going to concerts and watching award shows on TV.
24. I almost got a tattoo in the summer of 1994...I chickened out.
25. I want three more babies.

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