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Thursday, January 08, 2009


My husband just joined Facebook.

I think my left leg is longer than my right.

My favorite food is macaroni-and-cheese.

I hate having white tiles and cabinets in my kitchen.

My husband's birthday is TODAY!

I love Wednesdays because I get to spend two hours alone with my eldest child.

It's January and the weather has been sort of like spring (until today, which felt like the wind from Chicago).

I don't enjoy drinking cranberry water - but I must.

I get a "high" when I get a deal at any store.

I've got some awesome friends. I'm glad they like me.

I always keep water by my bed at night.

My mother is coming this weekend and my kids are constantly asking when Gami is arriving.

I love talking geography. One of my favorite geographical areas to think about is Point Roberts, WA, USA.

The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores.

Publix is my choice for groceries but WalMart has far lower prices. It's worth the extra mile in gasoline.

I wonder what Seth is up to now?

The second Tuesday of every month is a dinner delight.

TiVo is a wonderful invention.

Speaking of inventions, these are the inventions I am most grateful for:
1. Ziploc bags
2. Safety pins
3. Wet wipes

I love football but the BCS talk is getting on my nerves.

Kim H. cracks me up.

Crissy S. makes me ponder, think, and shake my head in agreement.

Hope A. points me to the gospel.

1 comment:

beck'sthree said...

Jawan, I had no idea you were a geography nerd like I am. I LOVE geography, so my kids and I spend a lot of time looking at maps . . . they can locate a lot of countries that most adults probably couldn't. My next plan is to start teaching them the flags of other nations. I have flash cards. :) My dream is to get to Barrow, Alaska someday. It's not David's dream. Wanna go?