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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Andrew plays basketball

In the fall, it was soccer.
In the winter, it is basketball.
He is already asking what he'll play in the spring and summer.

Poor Luke. His birthday falls late in the year so he'll be starting sports at the Y much later than Andrew did. When asked if he's gonna be a soccer or basketball player, Luke quickly replies, "Nope, I'm gonna play football". Well, ok then.

For Christmas, my sister gave Luke the Whack-A-Mole game. It's really funny to watch anyone play since you have to beat the timer and lights by whacking the moles over the head with a plastic mallet. Let's just say that as soon as I snapped this picture, a few of the mallets hit human heads (not mine!). School starts back tomorrow and I am only looking forward to it because it will mean there is a cease-fire to the constant fighting between brothers in the house.

1 comment:

Pam said...

Jawan, mine played every sport you mentioned, but also wrestled. That was probably my least favorite sport. The cut off or Norman Youth Soccer was August 1st and Abbie's birthday was a couple weeks later so she had to wait almost a whole year. I think it helped her. She was a better athlete. She also started school that year instead of the year before so it had her playing with the girls she went to school with. They played soccer together, basketball, and t-ball. All of us moms put in a few hours of coaching to see that they got to play together but it was worth it. One year we had all three playing in the baseball/softball season. My husband coached our oldest son's team and I helped coach Abbie's team and ran Riley to his practices. That was crazy but fun. That was the year of the "May 3rd" tornado. I was passing out uniforms for my son's team because Terry was out of town. I got home and they were saying to get underground because this one was so big. That is the only time we went to a tornado shelter. Wow, memories....