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Friday, January 09, 2009

Hubby's birthday

As adults, our birthdays are low-key. We are loud when celebrating the birthdays of our children but Mitch and I tend to keep our own birthdays pretty simple. It usually involves a cupcake, a song, a very small gift, and some hugs and kisses. Oh yeah, we always enjoy watching Mitch sing "Happy Birthday" to himself, hence his pointing. He's not being arrogant at all....just being silly with the kids.

Happy 38th birthday, Babe.
It gets better and better each day.
So glad I belong to you.
I love you, dude.


Mitch said...

Thanks. I don't deserve you, but I sure do love you.

Pam said...

Jawan, we keep ours simple too. One thing we do for everyone in the family is make homemade cards. Anyone can buy them but I have a drawer of incredible cards. Abbie puts a lot of artistic talent into hers. There are rhymes and funny pictures on some. Some on the computer etc. We didn't start this obviously until all of the kids could write but it is fun.