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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Did you know?????

Target won't let you return or exchange any item from their store that's over $20 without a receipt (received as a gift so I have no receipt)? Merry Christmas. I can understand them not giving a refund for an item without a receipt but I am baffled that they won't allow an exchange (new item, tags still attached). Apparently, this policy has been in place for quite some time (Target just dropped the minimum to $20 from $40 this past August, 2007). After spending some time searching for more information on Google, I could feel the angst from many Target shoppers through my monitor. I think we'll be writing the CEO a letter this week. Just needed to vent.

1 comment:

John Mark said...

Target has recently made several customer-unfriendly changes. When Shea and I registered there for our wedding, we were able to exchange things without receipts so long as they were things that we registered for (very helpful, because far too many people think it's cool to give gifts without gift receipts). When we tried to swap several duplicate items from our baby registry, they said "sorry" so we have 6 of the same blue blankets (to make matters worse, if their cashiers would do a better job of taking things off the registry when they are purchased, we wouldn't have 6 of the same thing!)

thanks for letting me rant too!

(wow--my comment is now longer than your entire post. i'm sure that breaks some type of blogging etiquette.)