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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Toffifay & Nutella

I've found a new favorite treat. Toffifay! I'm also a huge lover of the delicious Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread. These two treats have something in common so I guess that's why I love them so (that would be the hazelnut). I implore you to try one, if not both, of these yummy sweets. Nutella can be found right next to the peanut butter and jelly at the grocery store. Toffifay is usually found on the candy aisle next to the higher priced chocolates. Neither are cheap, but (believe me) these treat are worth every penny. Sometimes I can find a coupon for Nutella (doesn't happen very often). Both of my boys love it so I have to keep it stocked in the pantry. They ask for it by name! By the way, cream cheese spread and/or banana make good pairs with Nutella on bread. It goes great on bagels, toast, on graham crackers or saltines, or simply on sandwich bread.

If you're worried about the calories, visit this site to keep tally.


Kim said...

LOVE some Nutella. SOOOO good. It makes just about any bread taste like a doughnut.

Anonymous said...

jamestI heart Nutella!

~Mad said...

Well - it's early and I have not had my coffee yet. Wish I had me some Nutella right NOW!

amy said...

Nutella is a staple in our house!

Anonymous said...

Jawan, I put the icing recipe on my blog, under your comment :)