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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Luke is finally out of his crib....literally. Just in the past week he has been climbing out at all hours. So, thanks to our church congregation, we assembled his brand new twin bed last night (see picture of bed only minus the other furniture and accessories). He was so excited! Mitch and I knew that last night might be a little scary for Luke but he managed well. He cried a little after we tucked him in (which Luke never does - he loves to go to bed!) but soon settled. Then, about 3:00 this morning, he woke up crying. I think he was a little disoriented. After calming him down, I placed him back in his bed where he stayed quietly for 30 minutes. He began crying again so Mitch decided it was his turn to try to calm Luke. Of course, by now Andrew and Abigail were both awake. Party at 4:00 a.m.! Anyway, Luke likes his bed and feels all grown up. He even went down easy for his afternoon nap today. He likes being able to get out of his own bed and open the bedroom door by himself. Wow, they grow up fast. Before I know it Abigail will be out of her crib. Good thing we already have a bed for her.

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