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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Yes, I have changed my look. Far too long I've had that same green/blue rounder template and decided it is the year of updating. Welcome 2008. Don't you like my frog? I figured that since we have two delightful little boys in our house, a frog seemed fitting....quite appropriate. Abigail doesn't fit into that same mold but I'd like to think that she'll one day like to hold frogs with her brothers (and lizards, and bugs, and other gross creatures - NO snakes!). If not, maybe one day a frog - oops - I mean prince -will cross her path. I'm working on adding the links back to the righthand sidebar. Bear with me.....CROAK!


Kim said...

I LOVE it! How do you do that? I want to make something more interesting for mine, too. I saw on Facebook that you're training with CoolRunning. Ginger, Paige, and I are training to run in the BrotherBryan 5K in March. You should come!

BKicklighter said...

Just saw your new look - love it. Changes everything!