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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Picture Day!

I was camera-happy today and snapped pictures everywhere we went. Andrew was in his first school program this morning and did wonderfully. I was so proud that you can hear me crying on the videotape! Out of all six one-year olds in his class, only four cried - Andrew just sat staring at his crying friends and sang while he shook his tamborine (the other child decided she would lay down and sing). Some were dressed as Indians but Andrew decided to be a pilgrim so he could sport off his hand-designed pilgrim hat. Of course, as the program progressed he was tiring of the pilgrim costume and simply wanted to go home; that's when I handed him to Mitch. Because we couldn't calm Andrew, Mitch decided he would join in the distress and make a "sad-face" of his own. My boys are cute, huh? Later tonight we journeyed to Books-A-Million where Andrew always plays hard while we TRY to relax and thumb through a few pages. This mother says, "Kudos to the management for the ever-faithful THOMAS the TANK ENGINE play area!".

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