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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mom is Obsessed!

Yes, I'm a mother who is always snapping pictures of my child doing almost anything. I remember being in the hospital room two days after giving birth to Andrew and my friend Crissy saying to me, "Remember, don't have to take a picture of EVERYTHING that he does!". Oh, how Mitch wishes I had heeded her advice. It seems that my camera lives in the car or on my shoulder. I am constantly clicking, downloading, adjusting, ordering, deleting photos only to start the process all over again. I mean, we visited the local pumpkin patch three times this week and I managed to take pictures of Andrew all three times in three different outfits. That's gonna be a difficult layout to journal/explain in his scrapbook. Well, anyway, let me share this picture with you while I'm "at it". We were stuck inside ALL DAY today since it was raining but I managed to find a few minutes to take Andrew outside to escape with his bucket so we could go "rock-hunting" in our small patch of grass in front of our apartment. He found 36 rocks! He's washing them off in the kitchen sink here in this photo. He's our little geologist.


Mitch said...

I do like that you take pics. I'm just glad that we have a digital camera so we don't have to pay for all the film and develop EVERY picture!

Crissy said...

Why do boys love rocks so much?!?!?! I have half a ton of rocks in various places in my house. But at least rocks are free.