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Friday, November 18, 2005

New haircut

I got a haircut today. I'm not all that wild about it but I'll learn to play with it and figure out how I like to style it. The girl that cut it looked and dressed like she sold cosmetics at the MAC counter in the mall. She was sweet but all decked out in black with dark eyes, dark lips, and jet black hair. It made for good conversation and I'm sure she thought this pregnant white girl was a little strange, too. Of course, the weirder the hair-dresser looks/seems, the better haircut I walk away with! HA!

I told Mitch a few weeks ago that I was gonna let my hair grow out but I've finally admitted to myself that the longer my hair gets the thinner and trasher it, I've not labeled it a "Mama-cut" just yet but it does seem that my hair keeps getting shorter as the years (babies) go by. I hadn't had a haircut since this past May so my split ends were thanking me. I'm sure that once Luke arrives that the time between now and my next cut will probably be even longer.

1 comment:

Laura Leigh said...

You're on the verge of being Mom to more than one. I speak from experience -- the "Mama-cut" isn't dubbed that for no reason. Call it that, and be proud of it (not too much pride, though-- you know, gotta watch that pride and unbelief thing). When you get past childbearing and babyhood, you might be surprised to find yourself letting it grow back out again.