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Friday, November 04, 2005

Babies in Love

In case you hadn't heard...I'm married to the most wonderful man on the planet. We've been married for six years and each day our marriage gets better and better. How blessed I am that God has given me such a wonderful gift. I love you, Mitch.

I know this picture is on the humorous side and this blog sounds somewhat "deep", but that's one thing I love about Mitch. He makes me laugh and there's no other person in the world I'd rather spend every minute of my day with. I've always said that I wish I could carry him around in my pocket with me all day, everywhere I went, just so I could see his face and hear his voice. Right now, he's sleeping.....and, as I type, I can say that I love hearing him snore. Now, where's my tape recorder?

Why do I love him so? He faithfully seeks ways in which he can serve me, especially since I'm currently eight months pregnant. He carries Andrew on his hip so I can rest, he pushes Andrew in the stroller so I can waddle behind, he cleans the toilet, he takes out the trash, he cleans out the van with the dust buster, he switches the car seat from car to car when needed, he is always home for supper, he calls me many times during the day just to say "hello", he spends his day off with me and Andrew, he seeks out "moments of retreat" to keep our flame alive!, he works hard, he speaks gently to me, he communicates well, he's forgiving, he listens, he confronts with sensitivity, he is reliable and trustworthy, he stands firm on the Word of God, he is affectionate toward his son, he talks to my belly so Luke can hear his voice, and, most importantly, he preaches grace and the Gospel of Jesus Christ not only on Sunday morning from the pulpit but also to my heart.

Thank you, my buddy.....I love you.


Amber said...

Wow Jawan, I thought you were describing Frank there for a minute! That's what my husband is to me, which is exactly the way God wanted us to be! What a blessing!
And when I whine and say I just don't feel like cooking cuz it's been a long day, he will even drive down to Little Caesar's and pick up a $5 hot 'n ready!

Crissy said...

Next time, talk about your own husband and not mine! But seriously, it's amazing how God matches us up so perfectly. I would drive any other man insane, but Chris doesn't seem to notice that I'm a freak.