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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Needing a cut

As I was drying my hair this morning, I thought, "Why do I not seem to think about my hair that often?". Then, I felt weird for even thinking about my hair. There's nothing that really prompts me to consider a haircut other than an occasional battle with a hair appliance. I tried to remember the last time I got my hair cut but I couldn't recall. I know it's been cut once since my friend left me (b/c that's the calendar I'm still using in my head), so I guess it's due time for a trim to keep from looking homely.

Have I let myself "go"?

I promise my toenails stay trimmed. Ewwwwww.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a cut since I left you. That's the calendar I'm still using too. I've been wanting one since January, but I keep saying that I'll wait until closer to my due date so I don't look shaggy in the newborn pictures.
And then I remember you won't be here to be my photographer. :-(