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Friday, March 18, 2011


Mitch and I sat in front of the computer tonight, laughing together until it hurt. What made us giggle and cry tears of fun? Mercy Me (the band) has recorded a lot of old cover songs, some of which they don't know the lyrics - such as this one.

But, our favorite video of them all is the one below - The Eye of the Tiger.

Even though the videos are silly, it's still encouraging to see a group of grown men have such happy friendship with one another. It's all about God - even in the fun.

Other GRAB BAG tunes you can watch:

Stayin' Alive
Hard To Say Goodbye
Obladi Oblada (Fantastic!)
Hey Ya
I Feel Fine
Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)
Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book)
I Will Survive
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
It's the End of the World
Hold Me Now (Funny!)
New Sensation
More Than Words
Never Gonna Give You Up (bad dancing - you've been warned)
Jesus Is Still Alright
Take On Me

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