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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Today was delightful!

We have two more days left of holiday break. AHHHHHHH!!!!! As much as I LOVE my job, I have enjoyed being home with my family and spending time with my kids. Church was refreshing this morning - we sang some new songs, saw some new faces, spoke with old friends, listened to the Word preached, conversed in Sunday School, and was reminded of the cross - the goodness of God.

After eating out with friends from church, we realized we had the rest of the afternoon "off" since our small group hasn't started back yet. We took our time and just meandered around the shopping area before remembering that Luke had a gift card he had been waiting to spend. Off we went to ToysRUs where he settled on a $5 item! He's affordable, I tell ya!

I am usually the one behind the camera but Mitch is becoming quite the photographer with that new iPod Touch of his. He caught Luke and the rest of us as the hunt was about to start.

We came home around 4:00 and all slipped into our PJs! We then took the Christmas tree down, packed away decorations in the attic, and gathered around the table for a meal of breakfast for dinner. What a delightful family night!

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